What Our Patients Have to Say:

"I played professional basketball for eight years all around the world, and the physical therapy team at Coltman and Baughman is the best I have seen.  I worked with Mark to recover from a lower back injury and get back on the court.  Mark used a variety of treatments and built exercise plans specifically designed around my goals.  It was evident that he was an expert and new how to apply all types of treatments and exercises.  Thank you, Mark and team, for a successful recovery.

-Lee H., former University of Florida Basketball Player

“Since 1999, I’ve had no ACL in my left knee after having torn it three times while playing college basketball. I’ve had four total surgeries and was told physical therapy would need to become routine if I were to still be physically active since I and my team of doctors at the time decided not to fix the third ACL tear. In 2010, I developed Patellofemoral Syndrome from complications of scar tissue and patella tracking in the damaged knee joint. In 2011 when I moved to Jacksonville, I was told by one doctor that my running days were over; luckily I got a second opinion who told me he had “the best triathlete physical therapist in the city” who could help me. Eight years later, I just completed my 11th Ironman. This would not be possible without Coltman and Baughman physical therapy. My doctor could not have been more correct about the best physical therapist in the city.” 

-Karma E.

“The team at Coltman & Baughman takes the time to really listen. My therapist actively listened to me as I described my symptoms and shared my goals. She used the information to develop the most effective treatment plan and get me back to running quickly.” 

-Angela E.

"I came to Coltman & Baughman as a last ditch effort to heal by torn bicep; I’d been to 4 doctors and physical therapists over 8 months and nothing had worked. Mark, and his entire staff, worked tirelessly and patiently with me for over a year trying new ideas and techniques to help my arm. Finally, they got me figured out and I’m back on the court competing and living my dream. I definitely couldn’t have gotten back on court without all the help from the Coltman & Baughman team!" 

-Beau T., former University of Nebraska Tennis Player

"Just a short time ago, I realized I had passed the six month mark with my new shoulder…and I also realized that I now “own” it…that is, I don’t even think about it, largely because it is a real part of me. Week before last week I played my second 18-hole round, followed by playing two more rounds on successive days in a tournament. At that point, without any shoulder pain or even minimal stress, I realized all is truly good! People have asked me what is the key? And my instant response is, “Have a great surgeon, but more importantly, have a great physical therapist.”

-Marty E.

"Over the past year I have had 2 surgeries which required significant sessions of physical therapy at Coltman and Baughman Physical Therapy.  Being a very physically active person, my desire was to return to those activities as quickly as possible.  Jessica, who worked with me on both occasions, was by far the most passionate and professional therapist that I have ever worked with.  While I have worked with physical therapists in the past, I have never encountered an environment like Coltman and Baughman, where they take such a personal interest in the well-being and recovery of the patient along with therapists who have such a great base of knowledge and experience. Thanks to their great work I am back to the active lifestyle.”

-Bill C.

"I have frequent flier miles at Coltman and Baughman. I have seen Mark for multiple injuries and he is an amazing PT. Mark truly cared about getting me healthy and back to running. I travel often for work and Mark was very accommodating with my appointment times. He came in before the clinic opened multiple times so I could be seen. He is very knowledgeable and always explained the mechanism of my injuries and why I was doing the exercises he prescribed. Mark got me healthy and running faster than before my injury. ”

-Catherine B.

"I am now 76 and had hip surgery last January and was told by the surgeon, that even though his organization had physical therapists at their facility, the best therapist in the Jacksonville area is Rob Coltman at Coltman & Baughman PT. I was playing tennis in 8 weeks Enough said! Great staff, good location and most of all a wonderful result."

-Brett M.

"I have been a patient at Coltman and Baughman since January of 2015. I first saw Rob because I had become injured after finally qualifying to run the Boston Marathon. Not only did he help me toe that start line healthy and injury free, he’s helped me to become more injury free, by helping me strengthen my weaknesses. I even, finally, got my husband in to fix an OLD shoulder injury. This team is the best! They truly care about helping their patients heal and reach their goals, and they constantly give back to the community.

-Melissa H.

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