What Our Patients Have to Say

“I have been a patient of Rob Coltman’s since July 2017 when I was referred to him for a back issue. Rob was able to successfully treat me and I returned to my active life style. His goal from the beginning was to rehab me without surgery and he met that goal. He developed a customized stretching / strengthening program for me that has prevented a return of any back problems. Unfortunately or fortunately for me I was back at Coltman & Baughman in April 2018 after having a full hip replacement. Once again Rob put me on the road to a complete recovery with his expert treatment and a home program that let me return to a full lifestyle. In July 2019 this came to a halt when I had shoulder surgery for rotator cuff issues. This was my third surgery on this shoulder. With a great physical therapist in Rob I was once again put on the correct path to recovery and able to resume full activities. Rob’s knowledge of the human body, the mechanics of it and how to successfully repair it makes him a highly successful physical therapist and true professional.”

                                                                                                                                                        - Malcom M. 

“Jessica and the other CBPT team showed nothing short of excellent, thorough and compassionate care of me and my persistent foot injury from running. I highly recommend CBPT to anyone who wants an extremely knowledgeable and caring PT experience!”

- Stacey M. 

“I would highly recommend working with Lauren! She is awesome and so knowledgeable about PT. It only took a few months and I am back to all of my activities such as Yoga, driveway workouts and biking. Lauren is the best”

- Lisa U. 

“I can’t say enough about the Mark and the team at Coltman & Baughman.  I had a full tear of my supraspinatus and was treated with Stem Cells and PRP to see if I could get by without surgery.  About 6 weeks after my procedure I started PT with Mark and initially was Super impressed with his knowledge and eagerness to work with me to get me back surfing and playing golf.  He specialized my program specifically to my interests and needs and I quickly realized that he far surpassed the expectations that I had.  Little tweaks in angles of existing exercises I had been doing made them more effective and I progressed faster than I expected.  His understanding of the body and his continual quest for advanced techniques has made a huge difference in my life. I am sleeping without pain and I am able to enjoy the activities that make my life complete. I recommend these guys because they treat you like a patient and they have a vested interest in your recovery.”

                                                                                                                                      - Bill B. 

“I am a physician, and I am old.  I have been to Physical therapists in the past for injuries and for previous surgery. I am being treated by Jessica Sodini now post-op for rotator cuff surgery, which is complicated by cervical spine problems from previous injury. She is the best Physical therapist I have ever had. She had developed new programs when ones don`t work because this is complicated.  She is patient and does not give up. She gives explanations which I understand and explains why she does what she does. This is important to me.  Everyone at Coltman and Baughman has been extremely pleasant and helpful. The facility is spotless. If patients ask me where to go for Physical Therapy, I say Coltman and Baughman.”

                                                                                                                        - Sally Z. Monroe, MD

"Easily THE best physical therapy team in in Jacksonville. Completely erased my severe sciatic nerve pain in 2 months. Dr. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and caring and his staff is impeccable."

                                                                                                                                    - Brendan T. 

"I am currently beginning rehab for a hip resurfacing surgery with Coltman & Baughman. My athletic background goes back to the 80's and I am still active, and my goal with the rehab is to get back to my triathlon training, crossfit, and any new adventures I can find. Rob Coltman has been my Physical Therapist for all my previous injuries and recent other surgeries, and I always come out on the side of “Better than Before Injury." He understands me an an athlete and his goals are always to help me achieve mine."

                                                                                                                                     - Susan W. 

"In mid-August I had a debilitating pain in my left calf and intense pain in my left achilles tendon, which left me unable to rIde or run  While this is awful for any athlete, I had Ironman Arizona coming up quickly in November. In the peak of my training, I had to stop. I reached out to CBPT and quickly started seeing Mark for PT. I told Mark, “I have to get to the starting line and finish line of my first Ironman!” Mark agreed and we got to work! With tenacity, dedication and patience we saw positive results! Not only was I able to finish training, but I showed up to the starting line and most importantly, I finished! I can’t thank Mark enough for being so flexible, willing to work around my schedule, and for being such an integral part of my Ironman training. I wouldn’t be an Ironman today if I didn’t have Mark’s help, knowledge and understanding in the months leading up to the race! CBPT really understands athletes and wants to see us succeed! Thank you for all you do!" 

                                                                                                                                                              - Chelsea F. 

"I played professional basketball for eight years all around the world, and the physical therapy team at Coltman and Baughman is the best I have seen. I worked with Mark to recover from a lower back injury and get back on the court.  Mark used a variety of treatments and built exercise plans specifically designed around my goals.  It was evident that he was an expert and new how to apply all types of treatments and exercises.  Thank you, Mark and team, for a successful recovery.

  - Lee H., former University of Florida Basketball Player

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